ACID ARAB / η Ανατολή στην Ευρώπη!

οι ACID ARAB απαντάνε σε έξι (6) ερωτήσεις που είχε στο μυαλό του ο Σπύρος Λουργιώτης

Οι παριζιάνοι Guido Minisky και Herve Carvalho το δίδυμο των Acid Arab, είναι αυτοί που πρώτο εισήγαγαν ένα προϊόν της ανατολίτικης κουλτούρας στη ευρωπαϊκή και όχι μόνο ηλεκτρονική Dance σκηνή!

Στα Live και τις παραγωγές τους εμφανίζεται και ένα τρίτο πρόσωπο ο Sex Schon.

Η πρώτη φορά που άκουσα για τους Acid Arab ήταν σε ένα Live set του Fnight parties στο studio του MUSICA RADIO με το Stil, περίπου πριν 6 μήνες. Ενθουσιάστηκα και αμέσως άρχισα να ενδιαφέρομαι για όλη αυτή η ανατολίτικη κουλτούρα και τους Acid Arab.

Mε αφορμή την άφιξη τους στη χώρα μας για πρώτη φορά, είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος
και νιώθω ιδιαίτερη τιμή για την συνέντευξη που μου παραχώρησαν.
Κύριες και Κύριοι… οι ACID ARAB

ΣΠΥΡΟΣ ΛΟΥΡΓΙΩΤΗΣ | What motivated your interest in working with the sounds and the culture of the East?
ACID ARAB | Discovering more than a «new sound» but a whole culture, and even another approach to listen music

Σ.Λ. | How do you feel that you made your idea come true? I mean, such a totally foreign product entering Europe and appealing to a vast majority
A.A. | From an idea for a djset to a concept for a party, from inventing, not a new sound but a new name for a sound that already existed, to creating our own music according to those concepts, our ideas came true because we believed in them!

Σ.Λ. | Why only two of your members are referred to as ACID ARAB, while there is a third person appearing in your Lives and your productions as well?
A.A. | …and we are originally four in the band, though only two of us appear on stage, with an additional keyboard artist for our live acts. Well, we like it complicated

Σ.Λ. | The release of your first complete album “La Musique de France” this year has been the ticket to enter big International Festivals. Which song of the list do you think let you get into?
A.A. | We are very happy to discover how everyone has his own favorite track on the album. But it looks like "La hafla" is our most well known song

Σ.Λ. | Are you on the verge of a new work or co-operation with anyone from the electronic dance music?
A.A. | We've asked producers to remix some of our tracks. And we're launching a label to present new artists, first act is Rozzma, electronic MC from Cairo with a new style in his pocket

Σ.Λ. | I have always been interested in asking musicians and producers the same question and each one of you has a totally different opinion! What is the feeling when you are on stage at a delirious event and you play your own favourite song and the audience just dances to the rhythm as if tomorrow does not exist?
A.A. | As Roberta Flack said, «That's the time I feel like makin' love to you»



special thanks to::
Acid Arab & Κορμοράνο 
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